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Crisis Casanova is a gumbo of music. With backgrounds ranging from classical piano, to gypsy guitar, to jazz trumpet and Latin-style drumming, the three members meld them together to create one unique sound. Through  continuously switching instruments and adding theatrical and visually-appetizing elements, they are able to maintain a connection with the audience; cultivating a space where it's okay to be vulnerable and where love is a guarantee. 




"The possible has been tried and failed. It’s time to try the impossible.
- Sun Ra 

a lovE letteR tO thE listeneR,

Once upon a a galaxy very close to this one...on a planet much like earth.....
...two beings assembled of interstellar star dust crossed cosmic plains of existence ~ melodically and rhythmically ~ interchanging their perceptions of reality. Their given names within this life happen to be Cecilia Raheb and Brenna Beeson. Then, along came the Light of Josué Estrada, adding more elements of magick to the Music.

Their funk and jazz structures flow seamlessly ~ as does their energy and nuance.
The songwriters exude style and grace in their tone and texture; and crush the expectations of listeners’ ears ~ with magnetic vibrancy.

listening to their sound is an audible joy-ride, and seeing the group live serves as a gateway into the third-eye.

Cecilia interchangeably flows to and fro the rhythms of guitar and bass ~
Brenna projects audible vibrations from the piano, and tunes in with the heartbeat~ drummer, Josué Estrada~ to omit a transcendental Oneness with a pair of complimenting trumpet {sounds}.

The three vocally harmonious, in a style uniquely their own, co-existing between the ethereal and the triumphant.

Jazzically existing in the (eh phem ur ul) - the band asserts the time to "get-down" is NOW...and humbly requests your presence, for the journey.

Embark on this delightfully subversive cosmic road trip ~ if you so dare. We shall cross paths with you on the other side.

~ Love to all beings, Crisis Casanova

Brenna Beeson- keyboard; trumpet; vox

Cecilia Raheb- guitar; bass; vox

Josué Estrada- drums; trumpet; backup vox